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Problem with your freezer?

Get professional freezer repair help from a trusted Lenexa KS based repair company. We're insured and certified in all major appliance repairs. With a team you can trust, your repair needs or recurring maintenance requirements are entirely manageable.

We work different than most Lenexa repair companies. We have a formulaic approach toward every repair, which we will outline for you. Before the process starts - you need to reach out by phone to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.

The first thing we do is check over your freezer after hearing out the symptoms you've noticed. We will come to a conclusion of what's faulty and what is needed to make it work properly once more. The parts will be priced out and listed in your estimate, alongside the cost for compensating our technician for completing the repair.

We offer savings in many ways. Besides through our cheap prices - which are mostly due to the fact we only charge parts at cost and labor at industry standard rates - we also regularly have online coupons for our new clients. Keep an eye out; you might just save a few extra bucks on your already affordable repair needs.

Our crew could fix up commercial units as well. We actively help local restaurants and school kitchens by servicing their freezers on a recurring basis. If you're a commercial client looking for a repair company you can rely on at all times, we can definitely fill that role.

Reach out to discuss your repair needs. Call us at (913) 562-6399 to talk with one of our representatives. We're waiting to hear from you and have experts throughout Lenexa KS that are ready to come to your aid whenever you need it.

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

What could be causing your freezer to not properly freeze what's inside? You might be surprised to know that a common cause is simply a lack of upkeep. Examine the condenser coils of your freezer to see if they are getting clogged with dirt. Your freezer won't be able to properly maintain a good freezing temperature if this happens. Before the problem gets too bad, clean them off and the freezer should start properly regulating its temperature. If not, there is a good possibility that the evaporator fan motor is faulty or the start relay needs to be replaced.


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